Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rock world

I set my rocks free today as I am finally on my way back to Helsinki to start my journey home.They are now in rock world at Sokeri, I hope they will be very happy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gold Stone update and Finnish legend

There are now 29 gold stones out there in Wales, England and Finland. Each stone is marked with:

JAS 2015/2014 and its number 1-29.

If you find one take a photo of you with it showing its number and email it to me at and I will send you a prize.

The one above follows a Finish legend:

Finnish legend has it that on Jaakko's naming day, 25th July, Jaakko throws his stone into the water and swimmers start to feel the Autumn chill.

I followed this tradition and threw a stone in the Finnish waters yesterday, April 13th, 2015. I had to do it because I am flying home from Kimito on Saturday, so its a little early and I hope I have'nt ruined it for the swimmers......

Nearly time to say goodbye to Finland

Well here I am in my final week in Finland. After having my first night out in Salo last night I am feeling sad to leave Sokeri and all its wonderful people. I have been welcomed with open arms by all and would like to say an early thank you to all at Sokeri, Lisa and family who have fed and watered me on many occasions as well as shown me around this wonderful island. To all who lent me cars they were invaluable. To the Finnish landscape which has provided me with endless inspiration. The absolute isolation has resulted in a shed loads of work and lots of materials to develop when I return to The Last Gallery and Wales. All who bought paintings to fund this residency, and last but not least my family who have enabled me to have these 3 weeks of work, rest and play.
I'm having a sauna tonight (with some long drinks as they say) to say a Finnish goodbye.