Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gold Stone update and Finnish legend

There are now 29 gold stones out there in Wales, England and Finland. Each stone is marked with:

JAS 2015/2014 and its number 1-29.

If you find one take a photo of you with it showing its number and email it to me at sheridanjulieann@gmail.com and I will send you a prize.

The one above follows a Finish legend:

Finnish legend has it that on Jaakko's naming day, 25th July, Jaakko throws his stone into the water and swimmers start to feel the Autumn chill.

I followed this tradition and threw a stone in the Finnish waters yesterday, April 13th, 2015. I had to do it because I am flying home from Kimito on Saturday, so its a little early and I hope I have'nt ruined it for the swimmers......

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